The structure and specific parameters of battery-lead battery
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Electromotive force The electromotive force of the battery is the open circuit voltage between the two poles when it does not supply power to the outside, which is commonly expressed by E. Practice has proved that the electromotive force of the battery is mainly related to the quality of the active material of the electrode plate, the density of the electrolyte in the micro hole of the active material of the electrode plate, but has nothing to do with the size and area of the electrode plate, and the amount of the active material. The relationship between electromotive force and…

What is a Gel lead battery?
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Gel battery is a new type of lead-acid battery, which is briefly introduced below. 1. Characteristics of Gel lead batteriesThe Gel lead-acid battery is a new type of battery developed from the technical revolution of the electrolyte of the traditional lead-acid battery. It is to add a gelling agent to the sulfuric acid solution to turn the liquid electrolyte of the battery into a colloid (paste), so it is called a Gel lead battery, or Gel battery for short.Gel batteries have more advantages, such as no leakage, no pollution, no corrosion, maintenance-free, low temperature resistance, 100% elimination rate of harmful…

What are the characteristics of cylindrical single lead battery?
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1) Structure of cylindrical single batteryThe structure of the cylindrical single battery is shown in Figure 1, which is basically the same as that of the square single battery, but the shapes of the two are different, so as to facilitate the use in different occasions. Figure 1 Structure diagram of cylindrical sealed lead-acid battery The sealed circular single battery is provided with a liquid filling hole, which is convenient for adding distilled water under special circumstances. A one-way exhaust valve is provided to facilitate the discharge of gas generated during high-current charging. When this kind of battery is equipped…

What is a square single lead battery?
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1. Structure of a square unit batteryFigure 1 shows the structure of a common square single battery, which consists of a lead dioxide positive plate, a rubber or resin diaphragm with micropores, a velvet lead negative plate, an electrolyte, a lead plate connecting strip, plastic It consists of shell, plastic cover, positive pole, negative pole, one-way exhaust valve (exhaust hole) and rubber cap. Figure 1 Structure of a square single lead battery 2. Characteristics of square batteriesThe essence of the square single battery is still the lead battery type, but the diaphragm is made of high-performance materials such as microfiber…

What is a small sealed battery?
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Small sealed batteries are referred to as small batteries, or sealed batteries, and their common appearance is generally rectangular, as shown in Figure 1. Figure 1 Outline of a small sealed lead-acid battery 1. The structure of a small lead-acid batteryThe structure of small batteries is basically the same as that of large batteries, but the plates of small batteries are mostly made of lead-calcium alloy, and the plastic shells, positive and negative plates, separators (plastic separators), electrodes and other components are relatively small, usually only 3. 6 single cells, so the volume is small, the mass is small, the…

What are the characteristics of large open lead-acid batteries?
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As shown in Figure 1, the 6-Q-60 lead-acid battery commonly used in automobiles has a capacity of 60A-h and an output voltage of 12v. It is a large open lead-acid battery, referred to as a large lead-acid battery. 1. Structure of a large lead-acid batteryThe structure of the 6-Q-60 type battery is mainly composed of plastic shell (also called container), single-cell wall plate, positive plate, negative plate, separator, plastic cover (also called cover), liquid filling hole, liquid hole plug, It is composed of pole (terminal) and electrolyte. 1) Plastic caseThe plastic housing is made of hard rubber or hard plastic….

What is the basic knowledge and classification of lead-acid batteries?
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1. Basis of lead-sulfuric acid batteriesLead-sulfuric acid batteries are referred to as lead-acid batteries or lead-acid batteries, and were directly called batteries in the early days.It should be specially pointed out that the batteries that were directly called in the early days have the following meanings now, one refers to acid batteries, the other refers to alkaline batteries, the third refers to single-cell or single-cell batteries, and the fourth refers to multi-cell batteries connected in series battery pack. The “battery” and “battery” described below refer to “lead storage battery” unless otherwise specified.Lead-acid batteries are widely used in automobiles, agricultural vehicles,…