How to use the laminated cell?
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1. Emergency use of laminated cells
① Emergency substitute for multimeter laminated cell
When the multimeter’s laminated high-voltage cell is used up and there is no replacement for a while, the following methods can be used as an emergency solution.
Here is an example of a 15V laminated cell applied by the MF50 pointer multimeter.
Take a 4700μF/25V electrolytic capacitor and an adjustable regulated power supply, first adjust the output voltage of the adjustable regulated power supply to 15V, and then connect the positive and negative electrodes of the capacitor to the output of the regulated power supply for charging. . After the capacitor is fully charged, it is equivalent to a 15V laminated cell, which can be removed and used.
Solder the positive and negative electrodes of the capacitor to the positive and negative reeds in the multimeter that contact the cell. After installing the multimeter, the multimeter can be used normally.
The 15V regulated power supply can also be used to directly charge the laminated cell for 2 hours. Even if the laminated cell is a primary cell, it can also be partially charged for emergency use.

②Substitute method for 22.5V laminated cell
U201 type multimeters are used in remote areas, and the Rx10k block cannot be used because 22.5V laminated cells are often unavailable. Most of the 22.5V laminated cells bought in cities are stored for too long and have a short service life. In response to this situation, the following methods can be used to replace the solution with other cells.
The EL-12 type 12V cells used in lighters on the market can be bought everywhere. If you buy two in series, you can get 24V voltage. Although it is 1.5V higher than 22.5V, two silicon diodes are connected in series in the direction of current flow in the cell circuit, which can produce a voltage drop of 1.4V, so that the voltage supplied to the multimeter can be 22.6V. In this way, two EL-12 cells can be used in series to replace the original 22.5V cell.
Connect two EL-12 cells in series, wrap them with nylon paper rolls, and make a cell pack with a length of 58mm, which just fits into the laminated cell box of the U201 multimeter. If the space between the contact reeds at both ends of the cell is too narrow, you can gently open the reeds a little to both sides, and it can be installed just right. , close the cell compartment cover to use. Special attention should be paid to ensure that the positive and negative poles of the cell cannot be installed incorrectly.
According to the above principle, one EL-12 cell can also be connected in series with two button cells to obtain 15V voltage, which can be used by multimeters using 15V laminated cells.

2. Alternative Use of Laminated cells
① Different interchange methods of electrode terminals of laminated cell
Some of the 15V laminated cells used in the multimeter have positive and negative electrodes drawn from the same end, while others have positive and negative electrodes drawn from both ends. If you can’t buy a 15V laminated cell that meets the requirements of the connection terminal in an emergency, you can temporarily remove the positive and negative contact copper sheets on the multimeter, and solder the positive and negative electrodes of the cell to the corresponding connection points of the multimeter directly through wires. , can also be used.

②Reuse of laminated cell button
Generally, the cell button of the laminated cell can be universally buckled, so after the cell is used up, the copper buttons of the two poles can be removed, and the leads can be welded, which can be used as the connection button of the positive and negative electrodes of the new laminated cell. It is necessary to solder the leads directly on the electrodes of the cell.

③Use the laminated cell button to make the 5th cell clip
Usually, it is very troublesome to make the cell clip of the AA cell. In fact, it can be made with the cell clip of the 9V laminated cell as shown in Figure 1. It is very simple and easy to make. The method is as follows.
The cell button of the 9V laminated cell is one large and one small, the large buttonhole can be screwed into the spring, and the small buttonhole is just inserted into the positive pole of the 5th cell. Therefore, two insulating plates can be used to install the cell button at a certain distance, and then fix it in an appropriate place for use, which is really convenient and practical.

How to use the laminated cell?
Figure 1 Making AA Battery Clips