What is a square single lead battery?
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1. Structure of a square unit battery
Figure 1 shows the structure of a common square single battery, which consists of a lead dioxide positive plate, a rubber or resin diaphragm with micropores, a velvet lead negative plate, an electrolyte, a lead plate connecting strip, plastic It consists of shell, plastic cover, positive pole, negative pole, one-way exhaust valve (exhaust hole) and rubber cap.

What is a square single lead battery?
Figure 1 Structure of a square single lead battery

2. Characteristics of square batteries
The essence of the square single battery is still the lead battery type, but the diaphragm is made of high-performance materials such as microfiber or alkali-free glass fiber cotton that can absorb the electrolyte, replacing the separator of the traditional lead battery, and in the electrolyte formula and The packaging structure has been improved, so it has all the advantages of traditional lead-acid batteries.

In addition, the rectangular, small, sealed, single structure is the outstanding feature of this battery. The sealed structure avoids the shortcomings of traditional lead-acid batteries, which are easy to overflow acid and corrode electrical components and damage skin and clothing: the single-body structure indicates that it is the most basic and inseparable unit of the battery. Its rated voltage is 2v, so it can be combined in series according to needs. , to obtain any voltage, and can also obtain any capacity through parallel combination to meet the needs of various applications; small structure, can facilitate the use of small electrical appliances such as emergency lights, radios, walkmans and electronic toys.

The other characteristics and principles of the square single battery are basically the same as those of the traditional lead-acid battery.